10 Tips for University of Tartu Freshmen

Today is the mega academic day at the University of Tartu. The new academic year starts and thousands of freshmen will join the army of part-time drunkards. I decided to share with newcomers tips which I wish I knew when I started at UT.

  1. During your first year of studies, you will attend night classes on Rüütli Street and at Pirogovi Park where beer bottles will be your textbooks and vodka shots your pens. These ‘books’ are recyclable and leave them for others to recycle.
  2. If you meet any sober Erasmus students at night, please report to the hospital because something is suspiciously wrong with that person.
  3. Please try not to invest beer in hangover at 5 AM in Zavood; I guarantee you will regret it unless you meet the love of your life there (s/he won’t happen to be in Zavood anyway).
  4. From time to time, do visit the main library to remember you are a student. If you are lucky, maybe there will be no noisy renovation works going on.
  5. If you live in Narva 89 Dormitory, I’m sorry for you. Sometimes life is going in the wrong direction.
  6. If you feel lost and lonely, join student cooperation. You won’t change the world but at least there will be people with whom you can have a beer or two.
  7. Fall in love (not in alcohol) to survive freezing-depressing winter away from home.
  8. When they tell you the legend that ‘you are not a UT student unless you have crossed the bridge, had sex in the library, shower in the fountain and failed in Exam’. Don’t try to do the last one because it will happen naturally.  
  9. If you meet any foreign student, please don’t ask: ‘why did you come to Estonia? (They hate this question because everybody asks them the same million times). Generally there are two reasons why they are here: either they could not get into a better university or they got a scholarship.
  10. If everything fails and nothing makes sense anymore, don’t worry! You can always learn coding, graphic design and launch another Estonian startup or simply go abroad and pick up strawberries.

Estonian Moments

Tartu, Estonia. 

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10 Tips for University of Tartu Freshmen

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