Breakfast at Nikolay´s. Better than one in Tiffany´s. EM tastes. Best pies in town, by far!

Bar-buffeé Nikolay. Have you already been there? Or tasted their amazing pies? No? Oh, you definitely should. If the password „secret family recipe“ does not ring your bells, then here are 10 more reasons, why Bar-buffeé Nikolay is so cool and their pies sooooo good:

    1. Russian cuisine. Russian cuisine never fails, you can totally trust it.
    2. Pie show-room having pies with more than 30 different fillings – sweet flavors, savory flavors, spicy flavors… any kind. Just just have to choose one / several you like and point a finger at that / those. Or feel free to taste them all.
    3. Everything in Nikolay´s is extra fresh – first pastrymakers start their job already at 3 am, at 5 am bakers will continue the shift. Fresh and insanely aromatic pies are ready for first eaters from 9 am (10 am at Sundays) and baking goes on all day round, up till 10pm.
    4. To ensure the quality of each pie a long list of different parametres are marked out – baking stage, colour, consistency, filling and a hundred more. There were so many indicators in that list that we could´nt even remember them all.
    5. Basic fillings and tastes are the same in all Nikolay´s (besides Tallinn also in Moscow, Kiev and Vienna (yes, the one in Austria)), but Nikolay´s in Tallinn also invents recipes of its own, using our local ingredients and familiar tastes. In summer the dewberry and strawberry-rhubarb pie was very popular, but for this Xmas they have a special Xmas pie with persimmons, curd and gingerbread filling. Boy, that is delicious!! Have you even heard that persimmons can be eaten otherwise than just starting biting from the side? We had´nt, but this pie is absolutely divine! You could easily eat it each day and every day, from morning till night and all year round.
    6. For drink you can choose amongst several different berry juices or lemonades. So delicious!! They also have a spicy buckthorn drink, which takes away all the usual sleepiness in the matter of seconds and gives you vitality of ten years. It´s true! We tried it out and it totally worked. Suitable for Xmas-time is also their white wine glögg.
    7. Besides pies you can try out other best dishes of the Russian cuisine. Pelmeniki-vareniki. Yeah! Total party!!
    8. You can also pre-order the pies and grab them with you when going home from work. Or if you are too lazy, you can get pies to be delivered right to your home. Ordering more than 4 pies you´ll get free delivery. And if something strange happens and you cannot eat all the pies at once (which we doubt, that ever happens), you can put them to freezer and continue eating later.


  1. Nikolay´s staff is way beyond the usual and everyday service. The second you enter this door you feel yourself like a dear long lost friend. They welcome you so warmly welcommend that it´s just heartwarming. They really have this special something to make their clients happy, instantly.
  2. There is a cat living in each Nikolay´s and all of them are brothers and sisters amoung themselves. One in Tallinn Nikolay´s looks like a macho lion, but actually this macho lion is a she. Yes, a madam. You can communicate with her, but please, call her by her full name. Otherwise you can stand on your tippy toes or even on you head – you will not get any attention from her. Her full name is Jelizaveta Nikolajevna.
  3. And you don´t have to bother to master the fork and knife – Nikolay´s pies are even more delicious while eating with hands.

Oh, that was already 11 reasons. But for sure we can give you 10 x 10 more or describe those pies more with the words like delicious, moist, flavorful etc., etc. Of course we can. But let us just say: HOLY CRAP, HOW GOOD THOSE PIES ARE!! You may want to say the same, while still chewing – out loud and no matter that it´s not polite to speak with your mouth full. This good are those pies!!!

So, Bar-buffeé Nikolay, Consiori str. 10, Tallinn. You still have time to order and get those delicious babies to your Xmas table. Btw, perfect with verivorst and hapukapsas. Or feel free to drop by for breakfast at any Sunday morning. Totally worth it, each way you choose. Important is, that you do choose!

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Breakfast at Nikolay´s. Better than one in Tiffany´s. EM tastes. Best pies in town, by far!

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