EM tastes.Awesome with oysters. Finlandia Caviar experience.

Imagine you have a wonderful Wednesday. Wonderful without any particular reason. You are in a good mood, things are going great, weather is nice (or not so nice as it often is here in Estonia) and everything is just perfect. Just a wonderful-wonderful Wednesday, so wonderful, that you want to take it up a notch to make it even more perfect.

Or a fabulous Friday. Fabulous without any particular reason. Just as on this Wednesday, you are also in a good mood, things are still going great, weather is nice again (or again not so nice) and everything is still just perfect. Just a fabulous-fabulous Friday, so fabulous, that you want to take it up a notch to make it even more perfect.

What you gonna do? Where you wanna go? To celebrate all this wonderfulness and fabulousness, to tap yourself on the shoulder and to pamper yourself in the ultimate luxurious way.
Just to celebrate yourself.

EM team found just a perfect place for that and much more.

Not to mention all those special occasions worth to celebrate – anniversaries, long-waited meetings with friends, birthdays etc., etc. All those are a very good reasons to go to
Finlandia Caviar – a lovely little restaurant in Tallinn Old Town specializing in top quality oysters and caviar.
A little gem definitely worth to visit.

The thing with the oysters is that you either love it or hate it. To those in the first category we recommend to plan your visit to Finlandia Caviar rather sooner than later – atmosphere in this place is unique, you´ll be welcomed and served with a special kind of warmth and kindness not very usual in Estonia and of course – every bite is just a piece of heaven! Different sorts of oysters with a rose petals jam (which, by the way, you don´t find anywhere else) and a glass of best champagne or set of caviar with the shot of best Russian vodka…
what else do you need to feel like a royalty!

And to those in the second category… don´t! Just go and try and you might be surprised in a very pleasant way!

In Finlandia Caviar you can also find a conference room downstairs with all the equipment needed. So why not to held a business-meeting a bit differently this time – combining practical with pleasure, serious work with the luxurious oysters tasting experience.

And to top all that you can also choose a can of top quality caviar from the wide range on the spot or buy some from the e-shop. For celebrating… some marvelous Monday, perhaps.

Finlandia Caviar Tallinn

Väike-Karja str. 1, Tallinn

Phone: +372 5383 8959


Watch EM´s Finlandia Caviar experience here:


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EM tastes.Awesome with oysters. Finlandia Caviar experience.

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