Washoku Story – the real Japanese experience in Tallinn

You can sense it straight away when the sole purpose of a restaurant is to do good and spread the love. And this sensation makes you want to try everything that they serve without stopping. And without feeling guilty. Did you know that the Japanese have one of the highest life expectancies in the World?

If somebody like me – a regular European visits a Japanese restaurant, he or she would expect to try tasty interpretations of Sushi and Sushi rolls. Well, the understanding what Japanese food is – will be transformed in a very pleasant way. The aim at Washoku is to introduce the pure and simple tastes. At Washoku Story I was convinced that in simplicity lies luxury.

Behind this simple facade lies a long and complicated story of how Washoku Story became to be. How destiny was mocking a Japanese dreamer in cold Estonia and how the very same destiny rewarded him for not giving up on hopes ( I am pretty sure that Hide would love to share his story with you because Washoku Story is also Hide’s story – so do not hesitate to ask). Hide is the moving force at Washoku – he is the chef, manager, and waiter. It is very common to see him chatting with his guests, wiping the tables clean and slicing the most tender salmon – I have ever tried.

So what can you get at Washokus Story if not Sushi? If you are on a lunch break go for the Ramen! All versions of it are fantastic and the vegan one blew me away… so creamy and rich with taste. And you can slurp as loud as you want – this is the best compliment for Hide! You will be given a special apron so you can go as wild as possible and your clothes will stay clean.

I would love to encourage all readers to go and take another perspective on Japanese cuisine and let me know if it changed. Keep in mind – turns out that people have found Washoku Story and you need to book in advance if you are planning to have dinner there.

Carefully and with Japanese pride picked ingredients, like this tender sea caught salmon!

Plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. After Washoku Story you will never look at beans the same way.


Probably the best Ramen in Tallinn. You can actually combine your own ramen.

Insider tip: ask for the marbled beef – it takes 30 minutes to prepare but totally worth the waiting.

Happy news for matcha lovers! You will find real delights at Washako Story.

Location is central and easy to find.

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Washoku Story – the real Japanese experience in Tallinn

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